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In the small town of Faybridge, a star high school athlete disappears without a trace. Nico, an outcast just trying to get through senior year, catches onto a trail that leads her and her friends, Al and Riley, into a tangled mystery surrounding their biology teacher, Mr. Montgomery. With her future and friendships on the line, Nico devotes herself to discovering who’s behind the disappearance and saving her classmate, all before senior prom.

Contribute To The Film

Our team’s large ambition comes with a similar budget. We are striving for the utmost quality in order to fulfill our creative vision, and although we are plan to use our own equipment on top of Ryerson University resources, we still have to pay for lighting and camera equipment rentals, filming locations, costumes, props, transportation, craft services, set decoration, and insurance. It all adds up. Check out our Indiegogo page for a more in-depth explanation of our budget and what donating could mean for you!



Adrian is the writer of The Night the Kids Found Out, working with Iris to turn her original story concept into a thirty-page script. He is passionate about stories that explore the fantastical and extraordinary side of the mundane. Originally from Saskatoon, he hopes to continue to work in Toronto to make imagined worlds real with his talented peers.


Iris is the director, lead editor, and marketing director of The Night the Kids Found Out. During her free time, she enjoys watching films of all sorts and as a result, harbours inspiration from them, as well as her own life into the stories she tells. The Night the Kids Found Out combines her love for horror films, the sentimental charm of small towns and the special bonds made in unexpected friendships. The idea for this film has been bubbling in her mind for a year now and she can’t wait to see it all come together in the Fall.

Art Director

Tiana is the Creative Lead for The Night the Kids Found Out. With a passion for design, film, and editing, she is bringing her creativity to the project in a visual sense while utilizing her keen eye for detail. Growing up in Markham, Ontario, Tiana has always loved to create, and she is excited to implement her own ideas and concepts into the film.


Hazel is the Production Manager and co-producing with Samuel for Homeroom Production’s first short film: The Night the Kids Found Out. Growing up watching superhero movies and being a part of her high school’s AV club has given her the dream of working behind the scenes of films. Media representation has been and always will be crucial to her personal and creative development. She will proudly be a part of Canada’s diversifying film and media industry. Hazel’s main goal for Homeroom Productions is to make sure everyone is on schedule, within budget and fed.


Samuel is the producer of Homeroom Production’s The Night the Kids Found Out. Samuel Lehner is a Toronto based filmmaker & web designer and has worked on a number of different projects for television, film and various digital platforms. Samuel has worked extensively on projects for individuals, charitable organizations and corporations, including Nike, the Four Seasons Hotel, The Walking Dead, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Alo Restaurant, Live Nation, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, and several others. Samuel’s recent feature length documentary, WES, had its world premiere at the Toronto Black Film Festival in 2016 to sold out audiences. Samuel is an Affiliate member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.

Audio Director

Kieran is the audio director for The Night the Kids Found Out and is ecstatic to bring the soundscape of Faybridge to life. He is passionate about all things audio, whether it’s live sound, music production, on-set audio, or the exciting world of post-production sound. In his free time, he can be found binge-watching shows he has already seen and learning every harmony in the John Mayer discography.

Lighting Director

Robert is the lighting director for The Night the Kids Found Out. Utilizing years of skill and experience, Robert methodically strives to bring depth into the cinematic genre through use of light. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Robert has a thirst for learning and plans to continue to expand his scope of skills.

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